The TV series.

img_all_infopageThe original Saari TV series was created by Veronica Lassenius in 2007.

The first Saari  TV show has 39 episodes of 3 minutes. Co-directed by Veronica lassenius and her husband Pablo Jordi, it has been aired in more than 15 territories worldwide and featured in many international festivals like Annecy, Chicago Children International Film Festival.

It was a coproduction with Televisió de Catalunya and Imira Enterainment from Catalonia. It features a very nice score from Ivan Llopis (BanjoMusic).

Saari is the name of the island where a  creative group of friends live many adventures.

Pulpo the octopus, Buu the lady owl, the sensitive Pii, and Rikitiki, the bohemian bird, explore the fantastic and imaginary world of Saari, finding surprising and funny ways to face the challenges of childhood.

Friendship and respect are the core values of the story, as they learn to share, help each other and express their feelings.

Music is an universal language that allows us to communicate regardless the different cultures or origins. In Saari, each character has its own instrument and melodies.