Buu is a motherly owl. She is calming and sweet and she cares about everyone in Saari. She is a good listener. She is very sociable and invites others for tea just because, arranging cakes with blueberry juice for all. Everybody in Saari likes her and respects her and considers carefully what she says.

At the top of a tree is the cozy place where Buu lives.

It is a wooden house with a big bright room, a wood stove-oven, a cuckou clock and her large armchair. By the kitchen, at the back of the house, she keeps a little kitchen garden where she grows her own vegetables.

The house and the garden keep Buu quite busy, fluttering around making improvements, like painting or planting seeds. But however busy she might be, Buu likes to look pretty and wears fancy gloves and a little bit of makeup

In the evenings, buu likes to sit in her armchair and have a cup of tea while reading or knitting scarfs gloves and socks for her friends. She is quite likely to forget completely about time and suddenly realize it is dawn. Maybe she should not drink so much tea.